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Orchids and Onions: Monday, November 5, 2018

November 6, 2018 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Beetle Juice and the pirate for great costumes. The leaf blower was very clever, too.

Orchids to Cha-Bones for the special greeting we received at the door upon arriving for our 55th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and special cheese cake dessert. Perfect food and service. Many thanks.

Onions to the carpet fresh neighbor who’s trying to disguise their smelly home. It’s not working! When you open your doors the dog fumes invade my back yard. Get a professional cleaner!

Orchids to Mario’s, Lady Di’s, First Cabin Club and London Bridge Resort for being there when I needed you most. Without your intercessions, I would never have been able to make it thru my mother’s death and services. Thank you to each of you.


Onions to not being able to get into any of the vets in town when your dog needs treatment. It’s very distressing and heartbreaking to see your family pet suffer.

Onions to the onion telling others to “go back to California” just because they would like to have an Olive Garden or Red Lobster here in Havasu. What makes you think we are all from California? Those restaurants are in other states too.

Orchids to Don at Bradley Ford for finding the license plate holder and installing the item after I tried three times. He then promised not to tell anyone. Thanks

Orchids to Fred Snow at USA RV and Marine for the great service when we bought our 2019 Tri-Toon. You are a top notch salesman! We will send all of our friends to you!

Orchids to the onion to the City for continuing to waste money on street clean-up instead of placing long-promised curbs on downhill streets/driveways known to be clogged with rocks and dirt. Seniors cannot shovel hundreds of pounds of rocks from driveway aprons. Will death and a lawsuit solve this?

Orchids to the Havasu Creep Sweepers for exposing child predators to the community and keeping our community safe and clean of filth. Stay safe!

Orchids to the community for coming together again for a successful Fright Night on McCulloch. Lake Havasu City should be proud of themselves for continuing to put on such a successful, kid-oriented event.

Onions to the traffic slowing down in town. Beware driving around this time of year when school is just starting or getting out; you’ll be stuck behind parents and winter visitors!

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