Two men accused of distributing crystal meth in Huntington

November 10, 2018 GMT

HUNTINGTON — The following information was provided by criminal complaints filed in Cabell County Magistrate Court:

Two people were arrested after the Huntington Police Department executed a narcotics search warrant around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday in the 100 block of Baer Street.

Calvin Eric Adkins, 38, and Jesse Thomas Stevens Jr., 50, were jailed at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday. Authorities in Cabell County charged both men with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. Bond was $50,000 for each suspect.

According to the criminal complaint, HPD allegedly discovered a distribution amount of suspected crystal methamphetamine and digital scales in the residence.


HPD’s Special Investigations Bureau executed the search warrant.

The following information was provided by police reports from the Huntington Police Department:

T he Hu nti ng ton Police Department listed 25 new incident reports in the 24-hour period ending at 3 p.m. Thursday, according to the printout released by the department. However, the individual police reports were not made available, so these are the only known details:

Tow-in, 48-hour parking violation, 5:19 a.m. Thursday, 2900 block of Washington Boulevard.

Possession of marijuana, 3:32 a.m. Thursday, 10th Street and Harris Riverfront Park.

Recovered stolen auto, 2 a.m. Thursday, 2800 block of 8th Avenue.

Petit larceny, 12:15 a.m. Thursday, 1200 block of 4th Avenue.

DVP violation, battery, 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, 2000 block of 11th Avenue.

False pretenses with value less than $1,000, 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, 2600 block of 5th Avenue.

Battery, 11:45 p.m. Wednesday, 500 block of 4th Avenue.

Petit larceny, 10 p.m. Wednesday, 2300 block of 10th Avenue.

Destruction of property — misdemeanor, attempt to commit a felony, 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, 1100 block of 8th Street.

Domestic battery, 5:34 p.m. Wednesday, 500 block of North High Street, Guyandotte.

Grand larceny, 10:30 p.m. Oct. 2, 600 block of 14th Street.

Failure to process/fingerprint, domestic battery, retaliation against public official, 4:57 p.m. Wednesday, 200 block of Marcum Terrace.

Petit larceny, 3 p.m. Tuesday, 300 block of Main Street, Guyandotte.

Domestic battery, petit larceny, 1:25 p.m. Wednesday, 100 block of 5th Avenue.

Petit larceny, 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, 300 block of Bernard Street.

Warrant service/execution, 10:40 a.m. Wednesday, 800 block of 5th Avenue.


Petit larceny, 9 p.m. Tuesday, 900 block of 10th Avenue.

Trespassing, shoplifting — third offense, 11:19 a.m. Wednesday, 100 block of 4th Avenue.

Towing requirements, 11 a.m. Wednesday, 100 block of 4 1/2 Alley.

Petit larceny, 10:31 a.m. Wednesday, 100 block of 5th Avenue.

Petit larceny, 10:19 a.m. Wednesday, 2700 block of 5th Avenue.

Shoplifting — first and second offense, 8:41 a.m. Wednesday, 100 block of 4th Avenue.

Warrant service/execution, 4:31 a.m. Wednesday, West 9th Street and Washington Avenue.

Possession of marijuana, 3:57 a.m. Wednesday, West 10th Street and Washington Avenue.

Paraphernalia, trespassing in structure or conveyance, 1:26 a.m. Wednesday, 900 block of 11th Avenue.

The following Information was provided by booking records kept at Western Regional Jail:

Nicholas Trent White, 25, was jailed at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday. Authorities in Cabell County charged him with third-offense shoplifting and trespassing. Bond was $10,500.

Donald Raymond Porter, 37, was jailed at 4:50 p.m. Wednesday. Authorities in Lincoln County charged him with sexual abuse by a person in a position of trust and sexual assault. Bond was $25,000.

Robert Francis Nibert, 50, was jailed at 5:10 p.m. Wednesday. Authorities in Wayne County charged him with breaking and entering. Bond was $100,000.

Dana Cab Vance, 64, was jailed at 12:30 p.m. Thursday. Authorities in Cabell County charged him with fugitive from justice. Bond was not set.

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