Ginny Schaufel: Medians are not necessary

December 9, 2018 GMT


So there have been 86 accidents in five years in the two blocks of Lake Havasu Avenue that will be under construction for six months at a cost of 3.6 million dollars. Roughly 14,000 cars a day traverse those two blocks. Do the math: 365 days per year times 5 years is 1,825 days. Multiply 1,825 days by 14,000 vehicles per day equals 25,550,000. In five years of 25,550,000 vehicles using that section of road there have been 86 accidents? Doesn’t seem like that basic math is adding up to six months of gridlock, $3.6 million dollars and untold lost business revenue.

Ginny Schaufel

Lake Havasu City