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Reputed Drug Kingpin Buried in Style

November 23, 1986

CHICAGO (AP) _ A hundred cars joined the funeral cortege Saturday of gambler and reputed drug kingpin Willie ″Flukey″ Stokes, who showed that in death, as in life, he could cut quite a swath.

Stokes was laid to rest in a mausoleum lined with $40,000 worth of rose- colored Portuguese marble.

The interment site at Oak Woods Cemetery was not far from graves of Olympian Jesse Owens and nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi, as well as of about 6,000 Confederate prisoners of the Civil War.

Unlike them, Stokes went to his final resting place in a pastel silk suit, sunglasses and blue snakeskin shoes.

An estimated 7,000 people had filed on Friday by Stokes’ glass-topped mahogany casket, where he had lain with a white portable telephone, reportedly the chief tool of his trade, clutched to his chest.

A red mahogany lid covered the casket’s glass top by the time it was lowered into its crypt, next to the burial site of Stokes’ son, Willie ″The Wimp″ Stokes, who was shot to death two years ago and buried by his father in a $10,000 Cadillac-shaped coffin.

The elder Stokes’ criminal record included weapons and drug charges dating to 1962. He served time for a 1979 narcotics conviction. He listed his profession as a ″professional gambler″ in police records.

He was shot down in his car Tuesday night outside the apartment of his reputed girlfriend.

″e was an individual,″ said Eldora Brown, 65, one of the curious who stood outside the ″Tower of Memories″ mausoleum. ″I suppose he chose his way of life. He had a zest for being a showman.″

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