Eddie Vedder soundtracks Oscars In Memoriam

March 6, 2018

Eddie Vedder performed Tom Petty’s ‘Room at the Top’ during the Oscars In Memoram segment on Sunday (04.03.18).

The Pearl Jam frontman took to the stage at Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre to provide the soundtrack to a video montage honouring the Hollywood figures who had passed away over the last year.

Jennifer Garner introduced the segment and said: “Every storyteller knows that there is no joy without sorrow.

“Tonight, as we celebrate the achievements of our collaborators, we also mourn the loss of those who brought joy and awareness through their passion for the movies. The work they left us, as Academy Award winner Audrey Hepburn said so beautifully, ’Gives pleasure, creates beauty, awakens our conscience, arouses our compassion, and perhaps most importantly, gives millions a moment of respite in our violent world.

“Though no longer in our midst, their contributions endure.

“And now, we remember their lives and their impact on motion pictures with a song from an inspirational artist we lost this past year.”

As Eddie performed his tribute to Tom - who passed away last October - movie stars including Sir Roger Moore, Harry Dean Stanton, Sam Shepard, Jeanne Moreau, Don Rickles and John Heard were remembered on screen, as well as filmmakers Jonathan Demme, John G. Avildsen, and George Romero.

Executives and producers, including Brad Grey, Allison Shearmur, Martin Ransohoff and Jill Messick, were also included in the tribute, as was rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Chuck Berry.

The final star to be referenced, traditionally the slot for the biggest name, was Jerry Lewis.

However, there were some notable omissions from the tribute, including ‘Better Off Dead’ actor David Ogden Stiers - who passed away on Saturday (03.03.18) - ‘Batman’ star Adam West, Oscar-winning actress Dorothy Malone, director Tobe Hooper, and musicians such as Chris Cornell.