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Taylors have made a difference

April 25, 2019

Dear Editor:

I want to praise two people that have quietly made a difference in Mt. Pleasant. These two are the nicest and kindest people I know. They are R.L. and Carlene Taylor.

R.L. came into our lives over 60 years ago. He was my sister, Carlene’s, high school sweetheart. The first thing I remember about R.L. was, he had a neat car and he was quite tall. He made quite an impression in Chester.

R.L. worked up at Hill Airforce Base for many years and Carlene worked at the Veteran Administration Hospital. As soon as they both retired, they wanted to move back to Mt. Pleasant, and that is exactly what they did.

The Taylors bought a lot on the west side of town that had what was left of an old house on it. They could see the possibilities and went to work. The house had two rooms and the cows used to walk through it.

The couple restored the two rooms and added more to it. Now their home has been completely restored and is so beautiful they have had weddings on the lawn and family reunions there.

In the 25 years the Taylors have lived in Mt. Pleasant, they have quietly made a big difference to the town, making it a more beautiful place to live. After the home was finished, they started on the next project, an old bank in the 200 block of Main Street.

The bank building was great, but needed some TLC (tender loving care). It was in that building that Carlene opened an antique shop, “Heart of Utah Antiques”, which she operated for nine years.

The antique shop brought joy and enriched the lives of people in Sanpete. R.L. was always there to help refinish the furniture and for moral support.

The next project the Taylors took on was to restore a lovely old home at 341 West Main Street. After it was finished in 2011, they couldn’t sell it because they loved it too much. They had put too much love and work into it.

Next was the lovely Emil Rutishauser home at 109 South 200 East. It was originally built by Adolth Merz in 1903. R.L. loved that house for years. He used to gather fast offerings there.

Restoring that home was a labor of love and when completed in 2015 they couldn’t part with it either. R.L. is now busy restoring the old Johansen house at 388 South 200 West, built by Peter Christian Lund in 1912. It will also be a work of art when completed.

Even though R.L. is 84 years old and Carlene is 83, don’t expect them to stop. Before long R.L. will be looking around for another old house to make beautiful. They are both amazing people.

Flo Anderson Carlston

Salt Lake City