2 years after dog stolen, man reunited with canine friend

November 27, 2019

MIAMI (AP) — Two years after a dog was stolen from a man’s car, the pair was reunited when the pup was turned into a local animal shelter.

Four-month-old Schiele was stolen from Rian Maercks’ car two days before Christmas 2017. He hired a private detective, offered a $2,000 reward and chased lead after lead. His dog was gone.

Until he got an unexpected phone call last week. The Miami Herald reports the county’s animal services department said a brown dog with a microchip linking back to Maercks had been dropped off.

When Maercks showed up at the shelter in Doral and saw the dog, he immediately began calling him by his name. Schiele started giving kisses.

The dog is five times the size of when he last saw him.