Comedian Andy Gross apologizes to outraged Purdue students

August 21, 2018 GMT

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — Comedian Andy Gross is apologizing after a performance at Indiana’s Purdue University angered some students and led school officials to call parts of his act “inappropriate.”

A representative for Los Angeles-based comedian and ventriloquist says Gross is “profoundly sorry” and regrets causing any offense or discomfort. Spokeswoman Rebecca Kaufman says Gross will no longer perform on college campuses.

Some walked out of his Saturday performance and accused Gross of harassing a female student he called on stage to assist with his routine. They say he made a crude reference to his own genitalia and requested that the student touch his leg, among other comments they found distasteful.

School officials say accounts differ as to what exactly happened, but that parts of the performance were contrary to the university’s values.