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MIKE’S LIFE: Thumbs up for fantastic flora finds

May 16, 2018 GMT

I have never had what you would call a green thumb. In fact, I am not sure my thumb is even in the mix when it comes to gardening, because my gardening results have not exactly been in keeping with any of my fellow great apes. And while I do not know just how good chimps and gorillas are at gardening, I feel confident they are probably better than I am.

But my wife really wanted to do some plantings on our back deck, so I agreed to be part of the process. My wife is very good at these things but admittedly was a little unsure as to what would work best in various levels of sunlight, etc.

Fortunately, our friend Missy is very good at these things, and also fortunately lives across the street. As we were preparing to leave for the store, Missy was in her front yard. My wife told her that we were going to the store to get flowers for the back porch. Missy said, “Want me to go with you?” My wife enthusiastically said yes.

When we got to the store, my wife said we should get a cart. I had a few non-flower items to get, so I told her I’d take the cart and do my shopping, as they would still be window shopping by the time I was done. “Yeah, you’re probably right,” she said.

So off I went with my cart to find the items on my shopping list: garden hose, bird seed, new bird feeder. Fairly simply list. By the time I had the items in the cart, I made my way to the outside part of the garden center, where Jen and Missy were reviewing plants. “I told you that you wouldn’t need the cart yet,” I said. They conceded the point.

I milled about for a while as they talked plants in WAY more detail than I ever have. After a while, it occured to me that I had left a gift card to the store at home. I told my wife I would head home and get the card. She started to suggest that it would take too long. I interrupted. “Y’all are a long way from being done. I have plenty of time.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” she said. Two in one day. Personal best.

When I got back from the gift card retrieval, they not only were still shopping, but had not even breached the inside of the store. I found this out after wandering around the store for about 10 minutes, unable to find them. I called my wife. “Where are you?” I asked.

“Oh, we’re still outside. Haven’t even made it into the store yet.” Note to self: Time to start window shopping power tools and such.

About an hour later, I made my way back to the garden center, and was pleased to find they had finally made their way inside. The shopping cart was overflowing with a beautiful assortment of plants, which my wife and Missy had carefully picked out for just the right spots and just the right combinations. I was glad that Missy was there to provide guidance on what went where, as I would simply have said, “Let’s throw ’em all in the ground and see what happens.”

Later that afternoon, my wife and Missy worked on the back porch arranging the flowers and crafting the pots. I assisted by taking my son down to the marina to see a super yacht that was docked, because we are simple beings. While they were artfully arranging beautiful flowers and plants in lovely arrangements, my son and I stood on the end of a dock saying, “Man, that’s a big boat.”

When we returned home, my wife was eager to show me the back deck. And it’s stunning. She has several baskets hanging on the deck railings, all elegantly arranged. And there is now a beautiful pot in the middle of our table with a fantastic assortment of flora.

I’m happy that my wife has our deck working the way she wants, and so thankful that Missy was able to guide us through the process. As for me, I will do my part, and keep my thumbs as far away from everything as possible.