Scottsbluff fire department flushing hydrants

May 16, 2019 GMT

As the community welcomes springtime, the City of Scottsbluff would like to remind the public that each spring and fall, city personnel will perform fire hydrant flushing and maintenance work that is done in the interest of public health and safety. While this process requires use of water, the city is sensitive to the need to conserve water and makes every effort to do so.

Fire hydrant flushing is one of the most important maintenance practices that can be performed on a water distribution system. The benefits of a flushing program improve water quality and help ensure the ability to protect the public in the event of a fire.


The program helps:

• Verify safe pressure levels for Fire Protection

• Identify that hydrant valves are working properly

• Identify visible or audible leaks

• Flush out corrosion and rust

• Improve water quality by removing accumulated sediment from system mains

• Maintain effective chlorine disinfection levels throughout the system

• Clear water from dead-end or low flowing areas

Through this process, personnel find an average of 15 fire hydrants that don’t work properly and are repaired.

The city flushing program, maintenance work and the condition of fire hydrants are reported to the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) who rate municipalities’ on their ability to service fire calls. Homeowner insurance rates are calculated based upon the ISO rating.

If you have any questions, or would like more information regarding the fire hydrant flushing program, please contact Jack Satur, 308-630-6258.