NEW YORK (AP) _ Syndicated columnist Jack Germond has quit ``The McLaughlin Group.''

Germond, a political columnist for The (Baltimore) Sun, this week faxed his resignation as a contributor to the noisy political talk show he has participated in for the 15 years it has been on the air.

``I just got sick of him,'' Germond said today. ``I just got tired of dealing with (host John) McLaughlin. It's just one of those things that builds up over time and I just got to the point where I said ... I don't need it anymore.''

Germond said he thought McLaughlin was ``not very considerate of us sometimes. ... I got tired of being angry about it all the time.''

McLaughlin has increased the use of substitute guests in recent years so from week to week, Germond said he didn't know whether or not he was appearing.

``I got tired of hanging by my thumbs all the time,'' he said.

McLaughlin is vacationing in South America and wasn't available for comment. He plans to call Germond to speak about the resignation, said Justin DelFesto, director of business affairs for ``The McLaughlin Group.''

``He has always held Jack in the highest personal regard. ... He does hope that Jack will be back on as a guest from time to time,'' DelFesto said.

Germond said he will continue doing other television work, including making appearances on CNN. Although he's been quoted making critical remarks about ``The McLaughlin Group,'' he said his resignation wasn't a journalistic protest.

``It wasn't a comment on the content of the program,'' he said. ``I did it for 15 years so I couldn't have been so disapproving of the content.''