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Your Turn: Feb. 4

February 3, 2019

Not alwaysPresident Donald Trump says that walls always work. Why haven’t they worked at his own White House?Ronald SoeleK-9 heartbreakI saw the chase on Loop 1604 and Texas 151 on Jan. 25 and I am very sad and heartbroken for that K-9. I think his handler made a wrong decision knowing the man had a gun. Of course he was going to shoot him knowing the K-9 was going to attack him. The handler should not have turned him loose.Wasn’t there a different way to handle the situation? A lot of deputies, but only one K-9 who, sadly, served his last day of work.Gloria JohnsonDeath curve fixRe: “Finesilver Curve no dull highway drive,” Front Page, Jan. 22:Visible warnings on existing signage leading to the interchange and even the addition of so-called rumble strips could increase awareness for all drivers, especially truckers.The only attention-grabbing warning right now is when you’re very near the curve. By then, you’re busy dealing with traffic jockeying for position from the McCullough on-ramp and traffic entering from West Elmira. Not a lot to process if you’re from here, but a nightmare for out-of-towners.It won’t eliminate accidents, but may reduce them and the resulting traffic snarls.Mike PotterIt is what it isRe: “El señor Castro no habla español,” Another View, Jan. 24:While I appreciate Lane Carnes’ affection for the Spanish language, he needs to remember that I — like most progressives — am looking for someone who will support universal health care and gun background checks, not his or her ability to speak any particular language.Jason BurkIs that a fact?Re: “Donates his salary,” Your Turn, Jan. 29:To the letter writer who asks, “Why present something as fact with insufficient knowledge?”The answer: Perhaps Rolando Antonio has learned from the president himself. All you have to do is read the president’s Twitter feed and watch his Fox News interviews. Does he not present everything as fact with insufficient knowledge? On a daily basis? Every chance he gets?Yolanda Sonora