Fuhrman feels blessed as friends, family come to his aid

October 4, 2018

Recovering from an injury that could have caused the loss of his arm, John Fuhrman of Scottville can only be grateful to God and the community of friends who have surrounded him with support and a helping hand.

On July 26, Fuhrman was working at the Lithuanian Boy Scout Camp ­— Camp Rakas — on the corner of Custer and Hawley roads. The camp was preparing for its XTS (10th (X) Tautine Stovykla ­— 10th World Lithuanian Scout Jamboree), held every 10 years since 1918.

This international jamboree to celebrate the 100-year anniversary pushed the limits of the camping areas, so Fuhrman was helping to cut dead limbs to allow for more space. Using a man lift and chain saw, Fuhrman was 30 feet in the air when the saw got stuck in the limb he was cutting.

Without thinking, he pushed the limb away, causing the saw to get turned around and cut into his left bicep.

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