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Gunmen Assasinate a Retired Army General

April 7, 1991

ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) _ Gunmen assassinated a retired army general on Sunday, police said. An underground leftist organization claimed responsibility.

The leftist group, Dev Sol, has also claimed responsibility for dozens of bombings and for the killings of two Americans over the past four months.

Police said three assailants fired shots Sunday evening, fatally wounding Major Gen. Memduh Unluturk at his house in Uskudar district. One of the gunmen wore an officer’s uniform.

The Marxist underground group claimed responsibility in an anonymous call to the Cumhuriyet newspaper.

The caller said the general was ″punished″ because of his involvement in the torture of numbers of leftists at a mansion in Istanbul during a 1971 coup.

Unluturk retired in 1974 from army intelligence.

Dev Sol killed another retired general three months ago. The group said the assassination was revenge for what they called the general’s brutality against the country’s Kurdish population during his posting in the southeastern Turkey.

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