Splendora students on path to teaching career

May 26, 2017 GMT

Three Splendora High School seniors from the Ready, Set, Teach program are one step closer to realizing their dreams of becoming teachers. Bailey Henderson, Terra Smith and Jordan Wilkinson signed Letters of Intent to Interview at Splendora ISD. Once they receive their degrees and teaching certifications, the Letters of Intent will give them preferred interview opportunities at Splendora ISD. The Ready, Set, Teach program is in its third year at Splendora ISD and gives students a glimpse of everyday life as an educator.

“This program has allowed me to feel secure in choosing teaching as my career path,” Jordan Wilkinson said.

Taught by Mrs. Bay Hill, the Ready, Set, Teach! program is a field-based internship that provides students with background knowledge of child and adolescent development as well as principles of effective teaching practices. At the beginning of the program, students took the Principles of Education and Training, and Human Growth and Development courses. During their third and fourth years, students were in a double block class, allowing them to be at the elementary schools for 1-1/2 hours. Third-year students went Tuesday through Friday, while fourth-year students went each day.

Elementary teachers have an opportunity to request an intern at the beginning of each school year and act as mentors to those in the program.

“The Ready, Set, Teach Program has given me an amazing opportunity to experience the life of a teacher inside a classroom. I have absolutely loved every bit of it. I have loved who I have worked with and what I have done. I would not change it for the world,” Henderson said.

While on the elementary campuses, interns file and grade papers, assist students individually or in small groups, and help with whole class instruction. The interns also read with students, assist with parties and field trips, decorate bulletin boards and sharpen pencils.

Henderson, Smith and Wilkinson plan to attend Lone Star College-Kingwood in the fall and transfer to Sam Houston State University to pursue a degree in education. All three seniors gushed about the program, their teacher and their mentors.

“The Ready, Set, Teach Program has taught me how to be a model citizen, and it has given me the opportunity to make a positive impact on young students’ lives,” Smith said. “I went from a rowdy, mess-of-a-freshman to a professional and polite senior. I am excited to take all the information and skills I have gained and apply it to my career as a kindergarten teacher. I want to thank Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Willis for all they have taught me.”