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Redneck Yacht Club looks to reel in more members

June 3, 2018

PROPHETSTOWN – He’s just a regular joe, so when Larry Voss heard Craig Morgan crooning on the radio about his “Redneck Yacht Club” – a song about heading out to a special spot on the water with beer, buddies and party barges – well, he thought it sounded like a pretty good idea.

“I just loved the song,” Voss said. “I thought that it would be cool to have an actual club, so I went investigating.”

To his surprise, he found that other people had the same idea.

Steve Williams and Thom Shepherd, who wrote the popular 2005 country tune, brought the club to life, and now there are 21 official Redneck Yacht Club chapters around the country – including, thanks to Voss, the very first chapter in Illinois, of which he is president.

He and the missus, Judy, and his vice president, Derrick Lamb, 48, also of Prophetstown, are trolling for members to join Rock River chapter, which covers the Rock from Rockford to the Quad Cities.

Their plan calls for a social club with a soul: “We want to promote a fun and safe environment, keep the river clean, and give back to the community,” Voss said.

For Voss, giving back is priority one, but at 73, he can’t paddle that boat all by himself.

“I’ve got all this time to think of ways to improve the community, but I don’t have the energy like I used to,” he said.

The club is headquartered at N&B Trading Post, 213 Market St., and a 1-year membership costs $20.

Those interested in becoming Rock River rednecks can call Voss, 815-989-6023, or Lamb, 815-622-8533, or find Rock River Redneckyachtclub on Facebook.