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Police: Woman banned from Denny’s for life after stealing meal

February 15, 2018 GMT

A woman was banned from a Roseburg Denny’s for life after police say she and a male walked out of the diner Thursday morning without paying for their meal.

At approximately 4:40 a.m., Megan Rita Parshall and Donald Michael Jay, 71, walked into the Denny’s on West Harvard Avenue and sat down for a meal.

Jay told Parshall he would pay for the meal, but when the bill came, both Jay and Parshall were unable to come up with the $20.36 tab — so they both walked out, according to a police report.

Officers from the Roseburg Police Department later located both Jay and Parshall and cited Jay with third-degree theft. Parshall was trespassed from the diner for life, according to the police report.