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Speak up to reform outdated gun laws -- Dennis Anderson

November 20, 2018 GMT

The time has come for us to stop using the word “tragedy” in discussions of gun violence and mass shootings.

That word allows us to distance ourselves from the problem, to abdicate our responsibility for the continuing carnage, as though there is nothing we can do. These murders, we can tell ourselves, are unforeseeable and beyond our control.

But while we may not know exactly when it will happen or exactly where it will happen, we know for certain that the next shooting is coming, and it will occur soon.

Some will say it is too soon to talk about addressing the obvious problem of too many guns being too readily accessible, but in today’s America it is virtually always too soon. The real tragedy is we continue to elect state and federal lawmakers who lack the courage and the common sense to take meaningful action.

The responsibility lies with each of us, as voters, to make a change. The numbers are heavily in favor of sensible gun regulation. But at each election, and between each election, the minority voice is far louder and far clearer. Change will not happen if you are silent.

Dennis Anderson, Madison