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Repudiate the Radical Left

November 5, 2018 GMT

Across America, many Democrats and liberals are waking up to a political reality that they can’t believe: Progressives are openly advocating violence against their political opponents, calling for destruction of every traditional American value that has guided our nation for the last 242 years.

If the Democrats take control of Congress, we can expect a growing culture of violence and intimidation against anyone that they disagree with.

Liberal protesters have become more emboldened since prominent Democrats have given them the thumbs up to go out and harm Republicans. We see leaders like Congresswoman Maxine Waters call for mayhem against Trump supporters. She says, “Harass members of the Trump administration in public spaces, in restaurants, in gas stations, shopping places and even in their homes.”

A healthy, strong democracy is not possible if we live in fear of expressing our ideas. In America we win battles at the ballot box, not through mob rule or intimidation.

A New York City hairdresser, Brandon Straka, has started the #WalkAway movement, calling on others to wake up and Walk Away from the regressive left. Thousands have come out and joined the movement, giving testimonials about their experiences.

I believe that the midterms will be a big upset for these radical Democrats. President Trump, our country, and the American people will be the big winners in November.

Blossom Stiefel