Three cats survive 22 days left in vehicle by Edmonton Humane Society

June 5, 2018 GMT

Miraculously, three cats beat the odds to survive 22 days of being left in a transport vehicle by the Edmonton Humane Society.

The Toronto Star reports the cats were forgotten about after staffers transported animals from another shelter on March 27. The cats were found when the staff went to get ready for another transfer on April 18.

The Edmonton Humane Society posted a statement on Facebook, blaming “a series of unintentional events” that led to the animals being left in the vehicle.

The society said as soon as the cats were discovered, they were immediately evaluated by the on-site veterinary staff. The cats were “alert and responsive,” but were found to be dehydrated and hungry with urine burns on their paws. The staff gave them fluids, food and a well-needed baths.


The society said after the cats fulled recovered, they were moved to a partner agency. They have each since found homes through the society’s regular adoption process.

The Edmonton Humane Society said an internal review process has been conducted and its placed procedures to “make sure a situation such as this does not occur again and the minimize the risk of human error.”