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Newsday Honored for Bosnia Coverage

April 9, 1993

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) _ Newsday won top honors in the 1993 National Headliner Club’s 59th annual competition for its story ″Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia.″

The newspaper, based on New York’s Long Island, won first place in news reporting among daily newspapers with a circulation greater than 150,000, the awards panel announced.

The Seattle Times won the best investigative reporting award for reporting accusations of sexual misconduct by Sen. Brock Adams, D-Wash.

The Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel won the outstanding public service award for its ″Tainted Money″ series written by Jeff Brazil and Steve Berry.

The Press Club of Atlantic City, sponsor of the competition, is to present the honors May 15.

Winners for daily newspapers:

-Outstanding news reporting for circulation up to 50,000: 1. The Albuquerque (N.M.) Tribune, ″New Mexico’s DWI Problem″; 2. The York (Pa.) Dispatch-York Sunday News, ″Teen Pregnancy No Big Deal?″ The News, Boca Raton, Fla., ″Noble Prize; Does de Hoernie’s Title Really Count?″

-Outstanding news reporting for circulation of 50,000 to 150,000: 1. The Mesa (Ariz.) Tribune, ″Government Lobbying Government;″ 2. Bucks County (Pa.) Courier Times, ″Teen Sex in the Age of AIDS;″ Tucson (Ariz.) Citizen, ″Keith’s Story.″

-Outstanding news reporting for circulation over 150,000: 1. Newsday, Melville, N.Y., ″Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia;″ Los Angeles Times, ″Riot Coverage (3 parts);″ 3. The (Baltimore) Sun, ″Bright Faces, Fading Dreams″ series.

-Consistently outstanding local interest column on a variety of subjects: 1. Jane O. Hansen, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; 2. Bill Minutaglio, The Dallas Morning News; 3. John Bogert, Daily Breeze, Torrance, Calif.

-Consistently outstanding column on one subject: 1. Gregory Stanford, The Milwaukee Journal; 2. Ellis Henican, New York Newsday, ″In the Subways;″ 3. Bill Johnson, The Orange County (Calif.) Register, ″Los Angeles Riots.″

-Consistently outstanding editorial cartoons: Walt Handelsman, The Times- Picayune, New Orleans; 2. Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun; 3. Doug Marlette, Newsday.

-Consistently outstanding editorial writing: Robert Landauer, The (Portland) Oregonian, ″Oregon’s Inquisition;″ 2. Richard Estrada, The Dallas Morning News, ″Forgotten Dallas;″ 3. Lori Browning-Lead, The Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat, ″A Tale of Two Cities.″

-Consistently outstanding sports writing or sports column: 1. S.L. Price, The Miami Herald, The Soul of Sports; 2. Joan Ryan, San Francisco Examiner, Package of Sports; 3. Mark Kreidler, The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee, sports columnist.

-Consistently outstanding feature writing: 1. James Kindall, Newsday; 2. Stephen Israel, Times Herald-Record, Middletown, N.Y.; 3. Sue Nichols, Lansing (Mich.) State Journal.

-Outstanding investigative reporting: 1. Susan Gilmore, Eric Nalder, Eric Pryne and David Boardman, The Seattle Times, ″Brock Adams Investigation;″ 2. Ted Wendling and Dave Davis, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, ″Lethal Doses - Radiation That Kills;″ 3. Scot Paltrow, Los Angeles Times, ″Stock Broker Series.″

-Outstanding public service: Jeff Brazil and Steve Berry, The Orlando Sentinel, ″Tainted Money;″ 2. Taft Wireback, Justin Catanoso and Ann Morris, Greensboro (N.C.) News & Record, ″Burning Issues;″ 3. The Miami Herald, ″Out of the Storm.″

Other print categories:

-Outstanding magazine coverage of a major news event: 1. Newsweek, ″Fire and Fury, Beyond Black and White;″ 2. Marianne Lavells, Marcia Coyle and Claudia MacLachlan, The National Law Journal, ″Unequal Protection: The Racial Divide in Environmental Law;″ 3. Bill Lichtenstein, freelance, ″The Secret Battle for the NEA.″

-Consistently outstanding feature writing for magazine: 1. Margaret Carlson, Time; 2. Antoinette Martin, Detroit Free Press Magazine; 3. R. Robin McDonald, Atlanta Magazine.

-Consistently outstanding feature column in magazine: 1. Michael Kramer, Time, ″The Political Interest;″ 2. Bruce H. Dobkin, Discover, ″Vital Signs;″ 3. Johnathan Alter, Newsweek.

-Outstanding coverage of a major news event by a news service or syndicate: 1. Anne Willette, Chris Collins and Wendell Cochran, Gannett News Service, ″On the House;″ 2. The Associated Press, ″Yugoslavia;″ 3. Rochelle Sharpe, Gannett News Service, ″Police Brutality: How Cops Beat the Rap.″

-Outstanding feature writing or column for a news service or syndicate: 1. Richard Mackenzie, Global News Service; 2. Jules Loh, The Associated Press; 3. Leslie Dreyfous, The Associated Press.

-Consistently outstanding feature column on one subject for a news service or syndicate: 1. Rob Kasper, Los Angeles Times FoodStyles Syndicate, ″Happy Eater;″ 2. Thomas O’Toole, Scripps Howard News Service, sports column; 3. Rick Horowitz, Politics Sampler.

-Outstanding spot news photography: 1. Howard Castleberry, Houston Chronicle, ″Somalia - A Nation at the Abyss;″ 2. Ken Sawchuk, Newsday, Storm; 3. W.A. Bridges Jr., The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Riots after King verdict.

-Outstanding feature photography: 1. Kerwin Plevka, Houston Chronicle, ″Peekablue;″ 2. Charles Starr, The San Diego Union-Tribune, ″An All-Star Review;″ 3. Chris Hardy, San Francisco Examiner, ″Wha Daya Mean He’s Out?″

-Outstanding sports photography: 1. Daniel A. Anderson, The Orange County Register, ″A Heavenly Performance: Pablo Morales;″ 2. Tom Kelly, The Trentonian, Trenton, N.J., ″Bad Break for Dykstra;″ 3. Elizabeth Mangelsdorf, San Francisco Examiner, ″Warrior in Suspense.″

-Outstanding spot news photography for magazine, news service or syndicate: 1. Amy Sancetta, The Associated Press; 2. Greg Gibson, The Associated Press; 3. J. Scott Applewhite, The Associated Press.

-Outstanding sports photography for magazine, news service or syndicate: 1. Eric Risberg, The Associated Press; 2. Denis Paquin, The Associated Press; 3. David Burnett, Time.

-Consistently outstanding informational graphics: 1. San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News; 2. Francois Duckett, The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer; 3. Clif Bosler, The Dallas Morning News.

-Consistently outstanding illustrative graphics: 1. Charles Waltmire, The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Wash.; 2. San Jose Mercury News staff; 3. Randy Palmer and Mary Beth Hopkins, Dayton (Ohio) Daily News.

-Consistently outstanding informational graphics for a magazine, news service or syndicate: 1. Nigel Holmes and staff, Time; 2. Patricia Bradbury and team, Newsweek; 3. The Associated Press staff.

-Consistently outstanding illustrative graphics for a magazine, news service or syndicate: 1. Michael Witte, Discover; 2. Steve Kirk, Discover.

-Best of Show (Jake Weiner Award): Newsday, ″Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia.″

Nonprint categories:

-Consistently outstanding news reporting for radio: 1. WBBM, Chicago; 2. KCBS, San Francisco; 3. KGO, San Francisco.

-Outstanding radio coverage of a spot news event: 1. KNX, Los Angeles, ″The Verdict and Violence;″ 2. WBBM, Chicago, ″Chicago Flood;″ 3. WOR, New York, ″Storm of the Century.″

-Outstanding public service radio: 1. WSM-FM, Nashville, Tenn., ″Project Literacy;″ 2. KGO, San Francisco; 3. WCBS-AM, New York, ″Access for All.″

-Outstanding radio documentary or series: 1. WHAS, Louisville, Ky., ″The Appalachia Project;″ 2. Minnesota Public Radio, St. Paul, Minn., ″No Jews Allowed;″ 3. WBGO-FM, Newark, N.J., ″Gateway to a Riot.″

-Outstanding radio investigative reporting: 1. WBUR-FM, Boston, ″Cellcor Therapies;″ 2. WBUR-FM, Boston, ″Fleet Finance.″

-Consistently outstanding radio commentary or editorials: 1. WBGO-FM, Newark, N.J., ″Operation Restore Hope;″ 2. KCBS, San Francisco, Editorials; 3. WVOX-AM-WRTN-FM, New Rochelle, N.Y., ″Gravitas vs. Unctuous.″

-Outstanding reporting for radio networks: No award.

-Outstanding documentary by a radio network: No award.

-Best of Show (Adrian Phillips Award): WHAS, Louisville, Ky., ″The Appalachia Project.″

-Consistently outstanding television news reporting: 1. WSMV-TV, Nashville, Tenn., ″Is Nothing Private?″; 2. WCVB-TV, Needham, Mass., ″The Environment″; 3. WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh.

-Outstanding television coverage of a spot news event: 1. WTVJ-TV, Miami, ″Hurricane Andrew;″ 2. KABC-TV, Los Angeles, ″L.A. Riots;″ 3. WABC-TV, New York, ″The Great Nor’Easter.″

-Outstanding television public service: 1. WCBD-TV, Charleston, N.C., ″Don’t Talk to Strangers;″ 2. WSMV-TV, Nashville, Tenn., ″4 Your Health;″ 3. WTVJ-NBC, Miami.

-Outstanding television documentary or editorials: 1. KPTV, Portland, Ore., ″Russia: 2nd Revolution;″ 2. WWOR-TV, Secaucus, N.J., ″Crime Chronicles;″ 3. KABC-TV, Los Angeles, ″Memories of the Camps.″

-Outstanding television investigative reporting: 1. KSTP-TV, St. Paul, Minn., ″Taken for a Ride;″ 2. WSMV-TV, Nashville, Tenn., ″Social Insecurities;″ 3. WRAL-TV, Raleigh, N.C., ″Walnut Terrace.″

-Consistently outstanding television news reporting for a network or syndicate: 1. Tom Aspell, NBC Nightly News, Yugoslavia; 2. ABC, ″American Agenda;″ 3. CNN, coverage of ″Campaign USA ’92.″

-Outstanding television coverage of a major news event by a network or syndicate: 1. ABC, ″The ’92 Vote: Convention & Election;″ 2. CNN, Somalia coverage; 3. NBC, Rodney King verdict.

-Outstanding television feature or human interest by a network or syndicate: 1. NBC Sports, ″51-50;″ 2. ABC, ″20-20,″ ″The Gift of Life;″ 3. ABC, ″Nightline,″ ″72 Hours to Victory.″

-Outstanding television documentary by a network or syndicate: 1. WGBH- NOVA, Boston, ″NOVA: Iceman;″ 2. CNN, ″Democracy in America;″ 3. ABC, ″Nightline,″ ″Anatomy of a Riot.″

-Outstanding television investigative reporting by a network or syndicate: 1. ABC, ″Prime Time Live,″ ″Food Lion;″ 2. CNN, ″A Death in Alabama;″ 3. NBC, ″Dateline,″ ″Secrets of Success.″

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