ZooMontana’s Ozzy picks the Patriots

February 1, 2017 GMT

It was only a nibble, but enough for ZooMontana staff to declare that Ozzy, a grizzly bear at the zoo, has picked the New England Patriots to win this year’s Super Bowl.

In his first attempt at a pick Tuesday, the 680-pound bear sniffed the homemade cakes with painted logos to represent the two teams, but failed to take a bite.

For Wednesday’s event, zoo staff moved the cakes closer to the inside enclosure, making it less of a walk through the snow to get to the cakes, said events director Lea Ann Yucha.

According to Yucha, Ozzy walked over, sniffed the cakes, and once again walked away.

He then came back, taking a small bite of the cake sporting the Patriots logo before once again knocking the box over with his paw.

“It’s so cool that Ozzy has gotten so famous for picking the Super Bowl,” Yucha said.

He was featured in a recent edition of Food Network magazine and on many websites compiling Super Bowl-predicting animals.

This is the fifth year the bear has made a Super Bowl pick, and his record so far is 3-1.