TV picks for April 28-29: Rosie Perez, Willie Nelson, ‘All or Nothing: Dallas Cowboys’

April 27, 2018 GMT

On the road again

Willie Nelson may have the touring schedule of a 29-year-old musician, but the country music legend is actually celebrating his 85th birthday this weekend, a milestone that more than justifies a marathon retrospective that kicks off with a sit-down with Dan Rather, followed by highlights from Farm Aid 2017 and various concerts.

Noon Saturday, AXS TV

Inside the locker room

You already know that Americas team fizzled out last season, but All or Nothing: Dallas Cowboys goes deep on how it all fell apart in this eight-part series narrated by Jon Hamm. The Xs and Os may come across like trigonometry to casual football fans, but even they will be able to quickly comprehend that coach Jason Garrett has one heck of a potty-mouth.

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She shoots, she scores

Rise has quickly ascended to the top in terms of quality dramas on network TV, thanks largely to a spitball performance by Rosie Perez. Her work as an actress had largely been forgotten after such a promising start in films like 1992s White Men Cant Jump, the comedy in which she more than keeps pace with the basketball hustlers played by Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.

2:50 p.m. Sunday, VH1