Kylie Jenner wanted to be a young mom

September 23, 2017 GMT

Kylie Jenner “always wanted” to be a young mother.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star is said to be so “happy” that she is expecting a baby with her partner Travis Scott and can’t wait to welcome her little one into the world.

A source told Entertainment Tonight: “Kylie is doing well and is happy. Kylie always wanted to be a young mom. She may be young, but she’s very maternal and has lots of practice with babies!

“She’s a very hands-on aunt and was basically a step-mom to Tyga’s kid. The baby will be very well cared for and so loved. Kylie is excited that her baby will have cousins close to her age too!”


Kylie had previously hinted that she was keen to settle down as she had revealed that she’d love run away from the spotlight and go and live on a farm.

The 20-year-old beauty explained: “I just want a lot of property. That seems like the best life ever: horses and a farm and a garden. I don’t know about Bahrain, but I would be down for something. It would be a good feeling to just live a normal life for a second.”

However, Kylie could soon be deleting her Instagram account, where she has amassed an impressive 97 million followers, as she previously revealed she plans to ditch the site when she becomes a mother.

She shared: “Once I have a kid, I’m not going to be on Instagram. I’ll probably delete my Instagram and just ... I don’t know, live life. I would love to have a family and build a home with a farm in Malibu Canyon and just have my kids and throw away my phone, and just really, like, live my life and not do this anymore.”