Catoosa County bans outdoor burning

November 16, 2016

Due to prolonged state of extreme drought, dry conditions, and regional breakouts of wildfires, creating a significant risk to the property, health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Catoosa County, the Catoosa County Board of Commissioners has issued an emergency prohibition and ban on outdoor burning.

Due to the extreme drought conditions and wildfire risk, the Georgia State Forestry Commission is prohibiting the issuance of any permits for controlled burning. Burn permits are not being issued. These temporary emergency measures include a ban on outdoor burning in Catoosa County in the form of cooking fires, recreational fires, outdoor fire pits, bonfires and other similar outdoor fires and/or burning which are exempt from the regulation and permitting requirements implemented by the State Forestry Commission under the provisions of O.C.G.A. 12-6-80, et. seq., all to protect the property, health, safety and welfare of Catoosa County and its citizens.

The Catoosa County Fire Department reminds everyone who lives, works and plays in Catoosa County to be extra vigilant about fire safety in this high fire danger season. Remember to maintain vegetation and debris clearance around structures review and be familiar with wildfire dangers, and be cautious when discarding smoking materials.