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Orchids and Onions: Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 1, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Trece for all help getting my garage cleaned out. Come get the mirror if you want it. Peggy and Joe

Onions to the idiot. Thursday is the busiest night of the week on McCulloch. People do not come to boulevard to look at your SUV. They come to see hot rods. End of subject.

Orchids to school board members who understand Havasu. I’ve supported our teachers since 1975. I was proud when our district didn’t close our schools during the strike and impressed they accepted the 10 percent raise. They lost my vote seeking a 15 percent raise. What a shame.

Orchids to the ladies at ADOT working the Fish and Game boat registration in June. A pleasure to do business with you. So happy we retired to Arizona and met people like you. We don’t miss CA DMV, nor do we miss Governor Moonbeam.

Orchids to Mike’s Painting and Handyman Services for the awesome job on our house. Job completed on time and looks great! Love the new colors.

Onions to paying club dues of $80 a year and a bartender spends more time smoking and texting than waiting on members.

Orchids to F and K, the nicest two we know. You opened your home to us while ours was tented. We also saw bad apples act like rebellious teens breaking residential traffic laws. CB

Onions to the onions about “inconsiderate drivers” in the inside lane. “Keep right except to pass” applies only to highways, not city streets. Did you really read the Arizona driver manual?

Orchids to Ms. Thuneman, Ms. Frei, Ms. Clifford, Ms. King, Ms. Chase, Mr. Olsen, and high school volunteers who gave up part of their summer vacation to help provide a great experience for students at ASU Summer Science and Math Camps.

Orchids to the second floor surgical team, From volunteers, pre-op, operation, post-op, Dr. Ares and Dr. Zilberman. Awesome job. I hope to never need you again, but I’m so glad you’re there!

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