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County board remains in firm Republican control

November 7, 2018 GMT

Daily Journal staff report

Control of the Kankakee County Board will remain squarely with the Republicans.

Democrats entered Tuesday’s election with a mathematical chance of taking control of the board as they offered competition in nine of the 14 seats put up to a vote.

But Dems needed victory in all nine contested races to seize control, and achieved none. Thus, the Republicans will maintain their 22-6 advantage on the 28-member board.

Here are the nine GOP winners, along with unofficial voting totals:

• Colton Ekhoff (793 votes) defeated Marta Perales (325) in District 2; Janis Peters (849) defeated Tyler Hendrickson (496) in District 8; Chris Tholen (836) beat Eric Voss (588) in District 10; Joe Swanson (796) defeated Danny Williams (530) in District 14; Ron Kinzinger (801) defeated Terry Keigher (565) in District 20; Antonio Carrico (782) beat Charlene Eads (554) in District 22; Jim Tripp (457) beat Kazys Kupcikevicius (363) in District 24; Michael Zenz (763) beat Mason Power (497) in District 26; and Steve Liehr (1,278) defeated Adam Olson (574) in District 28.

Five county board members were elected without opposition, including three Republicans. GOP winners were Raymond Fairfield in District 6, Darrel Smith in District 12 and Brenda Zuccollo in District 16; Winners among Democrats were Sam Payton in District 4 and Robert Ellington-Snipes in District 18.

Board representatives fill four-year terms and the seats are placed on the ballot on a rotating two-year basis.

Even numbered districts were on the ballot this year, meaning the odd-numbered seats will be on the ballot in 2020.