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Get to Know: Jennifer Batz

June 5, 2018 GMT

Jennifer Batz

Occupation: Fifth-grade math teacher at Evergreen Elementary School in Sedro-Woolley

Residence: A farm in Birdsview

Family: Husband Mike and children Andrew and Brielle

Farm animals: Dogs Toby and Wilson, cat Tater, three goats (Toasty, Oreo and Grover) and 23 chickens

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University

Last photo you took with your phone? “My kids at a Mariners game.”

Favorite food: “Tamales made by the mom of one of my students. Seriously delicious. I love all Mexican food.”

If you could personally witness anything, what would you want to have seen? “I should probably pick some historically significant moment, but honestly, I’d love to have seen ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway with the original cast.”

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? “A dried locust. It was gross as I expected.”

Favorite book: “Anne of Green Gables.”

Favorite movie: “’Home Alone’ or any slightly scary/intense mystery. No ghosts or zombies.”

If you could spend a day with a celebrity, who would it be? “Jennifer Lawrence. She seems smart and funny.”

Mountains or beach? “Beach for vacations, but mountains for living.”

If you were trapped in a television show, which one would you choose? The Ellen Show.

What was the last movie you saw? “Sandlot.”

When was the last time you ran? “I usually don’t run. But a week ago the goats got out of their fenced area. Turns out wrangling three goats is a lot of work.”