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Peter Caddy, Founder of New Age Findhorn Foundation, Dies

February 20, 1994

LONDON (AP) _ Peter Caddy, co-founder of the new-age Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, has died in a car crash in Germany. He was 76.

Caddy was killed Friday near his home in Meersburg, Germany, a foundation spokesman said Saturday. Caddy’s 11-year-old son, Daniel, who was in crash, was recuperating in a hospital.

In 1962, Caddy helped establish the foundation, which describes itself as an international center for spiritual education. Based in a trailer park on Scotland’s northern coast, the group has 200 residents and attracts visitors mainly from North America and Europe.

Caddy, from southern England, left the center in 1979, after separating from his wife, who also helped establish the foundation. He became a lecturer on spiritual matters, fostering the movement for a ″New Age,″ the foundation said.

Caddy is survived by his wife, Renata, five sons and a daughter from previous marriages. Funeral plans were not immedately announced.

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