Local Christmas light displays worth seeing this holiday season

December 21, 2018 GMT

POCATELLO — Numerous Pocatello and Chubbuck community members go all out when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations.

The following list includes addresses that have Christmas light displays that are worth seeing this holiday season.

703 Ash Street in Pocatello

5045 Cole Street in Chubbuck

850 Harold Street in Chubbuck

Idaho Central Credit Union

201 Henry Street in Chubbuck

1389 Sawtooth Street in Chubbuck

1102 Congress Street in Chubbuck

485 Lariat Lanereet in Chubbuck

13651 Marble Drive in Pocatello

14216 Promise Lane in Pocatello

1077 W. Quinn Road in Pocatello

14458 W. Siphon Road in Pocatello

617 Dell Roadreet in Chubbuck

1105 Sawtooth Street in Chubbuck

619 W. Chubbuck Road in Chubbuck

Chubbuck Fire Station

586 Chubbuck Road in Chubbuck

755 Callie Street in Chubbuck

Cotant Park

2101 Kenneth Place in Pocatello

Caldwell Park

This list will continue to be updated online. To suggest an address for the list, check the Idaho State Journal Facebook page or email cjohnson@journalnet.com.