Climb Woodlands offers rock climbing experience close to home

December 16, 2017 GMT

Pulleys and rope systems helped to ensure the safety of climbers at the grand opening of Climb Woodlands, a new rock wall climbing gym in the area. Dozens turned out for the event to test their strength and skills against the looming artificial rock face.

Climb Woodlands opened its doors in mid-October with a soft opening and hosted a grand opening celebration on Saturday, Dec. 16. For co-owner Al LaRose, this is his first time having his own company. His partner, Steven Garza, has been building rock walls over the past 20 years for various facilities across the United States.

“We love The Woodlands and Montgomery County and Magnolia. It’s a family atmosphere and our goal is to really have something out here for the kids to do,” LaRose said. “There’s not many options these days around this area specifically, so we thought this would be a perfect area to put a gym in.”

Garza first became involved with rock wall climbing at the age of 22 when he moved to Colorado after college, and he said it soon developed into a passion. After constructing rock walls for other companies, he decided to make the transition to owning one himself.

“I’m a rock climber. I actually started working at a rock climbing gym and wanted to eventually open my own gym, so I wanted to learn how to build them first,” Garza said. “I started building them for rec centers and cities. Then I finally found a new spot and wanted to build my own.”

Angela Jordy went to the grand opening with her daughter, Jessy, in support of Garza, who is a family friend.

Jordy said she “loves rock climbing. (It’s) good exercise.”

Jordy added that it was 7-year-old Jessy’s first rock wall climbing experience.

For business hours and more information, call 832-521-3131 or visit www.climbwoodlands.com. The facility is located at 7515 Oak Bluff Drive, Suite C, Magnolia.