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Lee, Ogle and Whiteside County property transfers: Oct. 27 2018

October 27, 2018 GMT

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of Oct. 15

Warranty deeds

Michelle A. Perry to Travis and Kaila Langley, 712 11th Ave., Rock Falls, $54,000.

Dutrac Community Credit Union to Michael J. and Jessica L. Rathburn, 1010 Suncrest Drive, Fulton, $87,000.

Janice E. Adams to Travis L. and Tiffany A. Cox, 417 12th Ave. A, Erie, $175,000.

Medinah Real Estate Inc. to Aaron P. Young, 22823 Mathew Road, Sterling, $95,000.

NRZ Reo Vi Corp. to Richard Paul Koch, 1710 Oak Grove Ave., Sterling, $33,500.

Community State Bank Fulton to David E. Conner, one parcel in Garden Plain Township, $44,200.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Larry S. and Ann M. Davis, 517 E. 26th St., Sterling, $55,000.

Mark Ramos, Sabrina and Michael Davila, and Suzana Belmonte to Leo E. Hernandez and Krista M, Ebersole, 5705 Emerson Road, Sterling, $25,000.

Richard and Joan Atchison to Karen and Rudolph Knappmeyer, 605 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $19,900.

Jennifer L. Nielsen to Jeffrey John Spensley, 406 W. 11th St., Sterling, $129,900.

James W. and Carly S. Wike to Michael R. and Cecelia H. Henry, 1308 Sinnissippi Park Road, Sterling, $185,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Christis P. and Maxine E. Wayne, 710 16th Ave., Fulton, $15,000.

Walter and Jane Vogt Trust to Jodi A. Spurling, 3781 Balk Road, Fulton, $128,000.

Bart R. and Teri L. Jepson to Scott M. Goldensoph and Tracey M. Griser, 8560 Albany Road, Erie, $150,000.

U.S. Bank to Dale M. and Judith A. Howard, 3200 Stern Road, Erie, $125,125.

Kevin Price to Douglas B. Knochenmus, 5789 Cordova Road, Erie, $155,000.

Paulette M. Selmi, Jodi Stalsworth, Shirley Swartley, Debra A. Salvatori, Marina J. Johnson, Constance L. Frimel, and Kristine L. Jaynes to Rodney and Linda K. Allison, 3700 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $35,666.

Michael R. and Cecelia H. Henry to John F. Park and Kaylene M. Becker, 29890 Penrose Road, Sterling, $135,000.

J. Darwin Olsen to David Olsen, one parcel on Chestnut Court in Fulton, $12,500.

Todd W. and Casey C. Kramer to Jeffrey Rolston Jr. and Shelby Rolston, 15601 Frog Pond Road, Fulton, $161,000.

Bryan O. and Jaime Monk to Jason Dubree, 1300 Bradley Court, Sterling, $300,000.

Ruth D. Slonneger to Barbara J. and Cornelius Geerts, 507 Jenkran St., Unit 6, Morrison, $74,000.

Randy Barber and Ronda L. Barber, formerly Ronda L. Alonzo Thompson, to Joseph Tanner, 502 10th Ave. North, Albany, $80,000.

Nancy Holbrook, Ann Stroup, Bonnie Thayer, Joseph Waldschmidt, Gale Becker, and Harvey J. Waldschmidt Estate to Jesus M. Lopez and Sandra O. Salazar, 1110 Ave. J, Sterling, $70,000.

William T. and Marsha K. Sullivan to Carl W. and Nancy E. Gates, 901 E. 21st St., Sterling, $167,000.

Brent Wagenknecht and Jana Espinoza to Jonah M. and Lauren M. Celestino, 1403 E. 20th St., Sterling, $82,900.

Jon R. and Martha J. Kophamer to John Jozwiak, two parcels on Covell Road near Morrison, $0.

John Jozwiak to Jon R. and Martha J. Kophamer, two parcels on Covell Road near Morrison, $0.

J. Daniel, J. David, Carol Ann and Lois A. Drummet to Aaron J. and Amanda L. Mosher, Mosher Brothers, 2561 Lyndon Road, Prophetstown, $85,000.

Allan J. and Rebecca S. Schmidt to Paul Tiesman, 512 N. Genesee St., Morrison, $39,900.

Dennis R. Miller to Beech Tree Investments Inc., one parcel on Carroll Road near Morrison, $238,000.

Quit claim deeds

David E. and Alice A. Manon to Sheila R. and Valerie J. Manon, Wendy L. Anderson and Michelle S. Bollman, 3711 Tampico Road, Tampico, $0.

RMAC Trust Series 20155T to NRZ Reo Vi Corp., 1710 Oak Grove Ave., Sterling, $0.

Jane A. Mathis to Christopher J. Mathis, 510 Jackson St., Prophetstown, $0.

Trustee’s deed

Paul J. Selmi Trust to Rodney and Linda J. Allison, 3700 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $17,834.

Executor’s deed

Lucille E. Barajas Estate to Gail A. Jellerichs, 909 W. 15th St., Sterling, $17,772.24.


Whiteside County sheriff and Michael D. Russell to U.S. Bank, 202 Stanley Court, Rock Falls, $0.

Whiteside County sheriff and Stephen L. “Steve” Myers to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1306 Seventh Ave., Fulton, $0.

Whiteside County sheriff and Linda Cumby to Suntrust Bank, 1206 W. 19th St., Rock Falls, $0.

Source: Whiteside

County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

property transfers recorded the week of Oct. 15

Warranty deeds

Sandra L. King to Shawn Caswell and Jennifer Spagnola, block 5, lot 122, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Jonathan and Lizbeth Zepeda to James and Jennine Kerry, block 29, lot 234, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $3,500.

Cynthia A. Graff to Robert W. Huston, block 6, lot 7, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $8,500.

Mark and Ruth Johnson to Raelene A. and Thomas R. Oswald, block 22, lot 21, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,500.

John F. and Michelle P. Hickey and Salvatore Panettieri to Jean M. and Terry L. Plunkett, block 19, lot 56, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

Ann Marie and Timothy A. Robbins to Jeffrey A. Kozak, block 19, lot 105, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $3,900.

Poplar Farms Land LLC to Caroline and Joseph Busch, Brian and Nancy Dittmar, and Douglas and Justin Durdan, Goldwind USA, 907 state Route 251, Compton, $100,000.

Ricky L. Bell and Debra E. Furr to John L. and Michelle A. Gilbert, 329 Rockside Drive, Dixon, $357,000.

First National Bank Amboy to Chadwick R. Burgett, 498 Harmon Road, Harmon, $16,000.

Betty J. Carter to Brandon L. Allonby, 105 S. Dement Ave., Dixon, $80,000.

United Methodist Church to Raymond Joseph Cote, 405 Tracy Ave., Ashton, $0.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Dark Land Trust, 522 N. Galena Ave., Dixon, $63,500.

MTGLQ Investors LP to Robert Crouse, 406 S. Richardson Ave., Ashton, $60,000.

Charlene O’Keefe to Diane J. and Thomas J. Bracken, block 5, lot 192, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

William H. Shockley to Roberto and Susana Quintero, block 7, lot 23, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

Sava and Slavica Popovic to Kathleen A. and Vito L. Sammauro, block 23, lot 131, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,400.

Rachel L. Root, formerly Breitzka, to MDS Rental Properties LLC, 701 E. Chamberlin St., Dixon, $60,000.

Jennifer R. and Matt Kirchner to MDS Rental Properties LLC, 414 W. Eighth St. and 1822 Clark St., Dixon, $72,000.

Amy B. and Steven E. Wilcox to Shantel M. Davis, 228 S. Walnut St., Franklin Grove, $154,000.

Carol A. Biester to Matthew J. and Samantha P. Greenfield, 317 N. Metcalf Ave., Amboy, $99,000.

First National Bank Amboy to Daniel A. and Danielly Huene, 87 Grant Ave., Dixon, $19,800.

Billy Joe and Debra S. Davis to Lisa A. and Robert E. Mowery, 705 Nachusa Ave., Dixon, $6,500.

Quit claim deeds

Debbie Coberly to Eugene Fordham, 803 Jackson Ave., Dixon, $0.

Michael V. McGuire and Angela C. Potter, formerly McGuire, to Michael V. McGuire, 403 E. Fellows St., Dixon, $0.

Shannon M. Hoyle, now Mowery, to Shannon M. and Paul Mowery, 423 S. Dixon Ave., Dixon, $0.

Emilio Rene Villarreal to Dolores, Eduardo, Emilio Rene, Rene, and Rolando Villarreal, block 26, lot 124, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Ramiro and Silvia V. Villegas to Luis E. and Silvia I. Tello, block 2, lot 149, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Mary Ryan to Ed and Mary Ryan, 209 Keul Road, Dixon, $0.

David Johnson and the late Michael Henderson to David Johnson and Janice Loy, block 13, lot 80, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Dally and Steve Demming to Bryan and Jaime Monk, 190 Deer Chase, Dixon, $230,000.

Ray H. Miller to Diana and Frank Mylan, 126 W. Walnut St., Compton, $30,500.

Amy B. and Steven E. Wilcox to Shantel M. Davis, 228 S. Walnut St., Franklin Grove, $154,000.

Bradley Jackson to Dee Ann Lynn Lohmeier, block 5, lot 238, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $1,500.

Luis Carlos Aguilar and Shauna Marie Ware to Ismail Loza, block 9, lot 100, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $2,000.

Jason and Kimberly G. Abbott to Albert and Siobhan Croft, block 13, lot 78, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

Trustee’s deeds

Maria Panettieri Living Trust, Maria Panettieri, trustee, to Jean M. and Terry L. Plunkett, block 19, lot 55, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $31,500.

Robert S. Beitzel Trust, Robert S. Beitzel, trustee, to Charles C. Alsip and Jamien D. and Margaret L. Faivre, 1753 Woodlawn Road, Stewart, $142,000.

Alice Arlene Stiles Trust, Carolyn L. Brechon and Debra S. Medlar, co-trustees, to Robert Lee Short and Allison Ann Wallin, 1232 Robin Road, Dixon, $167,500.

Forster Family Trust, Kimberly Alsup, successor trustee, to Kimberly Alsup, block 5, lots 44 and 45, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

PL Trust Number 5-14, Linda K. and Paul H. Erisman, co-trustees, to Jeff and Stacy Coester, 1580 state Route 38, Franklin Grove, $248,000.

William R. and Catherine H. Muetze Revocable Living Trust, William R. and Catherine H. Muetze, trustees, to James Muetze, one parcel each in Wyoming and Viola townships, $0.

William R. and Catherine H. Muetze Revocable Living Trust, William R. and Catherine H. Muetze, trustees, to Max Muetze, one parcel in Viola Township, $0.

Executor’s deed

Robert E. Logan Sr. Estate, Debra S. Mead, executor, to William L. Schaneberg, one parcel on State Street in Franklin Grove, $5,000.

Sheriff’s deed

Lee County sheriff and Tyler S. Bushman to Dean Ankney, 615 Ash Court, Dixon, $0.

Equity One Investments Fund LLC, Lee County sheriff, Karmen Sage, Jackie R. Krigbaum Jr., Jackie R. Krigbaum legatees, also Jackie R. Krigbaum Sr., and Jackie R. Krigbaum unknown heirs to Thomas J. Hartnett III, 907 Brown Ave., Ashton, $0.

Lease agreement

Caroline and Joseph Busch, Brian and Nancy Dittmar, Douglas and Justin Durdan, and Poplar Farms Land LLC to Poplar Farms Inc., Goldwind USA, 907 state Route 251, Compton, $0.


Poplar Farms LLC to Caroline and Joseph Busch, Brian and Nancy Dittmar, and Douglas and Justin Durdan, Goldwind USA, 907 state Route 251, Compton, $2,150,000.

The late Emma S. and the late Joseph J. Kuehl to Peggy Jane Podlasek, 1567 Steward Road, Steward, $0.

James Gosstrom to Holcomb State Bank, 418 Jackson Ave., Dixon, $0.

The late David R. Neel Sr. to David R. Neel Jr., 316 W. Pieronnet St., Amboy, $0.

Memo of sale

Mario Salas to Sherry Perez, 918 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $48,000.

Transfer on death instrument

James R. and Julie K. Anderson to Russell Robert Anderson and Melissa Kaye Reiter, 1624 Baseline Road, Dixon, $0.

Helen M. Vogel to Kathy Lynn Ross, 1129 Sinnissippi Ave., Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

property transfers recorded Oct. 4-10

Warranty deeds

Bank of New York Mellon, formerly Bank of New York, as trustees for Holders of CWAB, Inc., asset-backed certificates Series 2005-14, to Taylor Miller, 403 Scott Road, Flagg Township, $56,000.

John R. and Colista R. Fletcher to John M. and Ada I. Hetland, 217 Prairie Moon Drive, Scott Township, $157,000.

John W. and Cynthia E. Kennay to Circle G. Farms & Feedlots Inc., 67.94 acres on South Center Road, Flagg Township, $679,400.

Horizon View Farm Inc. to Dean E. Ankney, trustee of DAOA Living Trust 1, 2400 N. River Road, Rockvale Township, $405,563.

Michael F. and Elizabeth A. Young Broderick to Claude E. Keller, 14 E. Front St., Mount Morris, $17,000.

James J. and Vickie L. Laurson to Curt A. and Tina M. Nesheim, 12659 Tower Road, Byron Township, $183,000.

Tammy S. and Jerry E. Hall Jr. to Spencer G. and Carissa Q. Morrissey, 1332 Marijon Drive, Byron Township, $206,500.

Leslie M. Bouton to Helen J. Koeller, 9289 N. Barker Road, Byron Township, $191,500.

Eugene H. Bolin to Joanne B. McGhee, 506 W. Second St., Byron, $128,000.

Sheriff’s deed

Ogle County sheriff, David A. and Tracy S. Sellers, formerly Young, to David Bowman Trust, 141 Harvest Glenn Drive, Scott Township, $85,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office