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Final pizza leaves Myles’ Pizza Pub

October 3, 2016 GMT

An era officially ended at 1:21 p.m. Monday, with the final pizza sold at Myles’ Pizza Pub, 510 W. Wooster St.

A week after owner Chip Myles announced the popular pub would close, Bekah Cales purchased the last two pizzas on offer. Myles originally said that the pub would close Sunday after 39 years in business, but he opened Monday to sell the last pizzas as carryout only.

Patrons purchased all the half-baked cheese pizzas available and after the pies were bought, glasses and other memorabilia were sold in the restaurant.

After Myles announced Sept. 26 that the popular restaurant would be shutting its doors, demand went through the roof, with lines around the building and wait times of several hours. The staff worked “without a break” from Sept. 26 until Sunday, and then did extra duty on Monday.

The location at 516 E. Wooster has been purchased by longtime Trotters’ Tavern owners Jay and Paula Williams. The new owners announced in a tweet last week that they will take possession Wednesday and give more details for future plans for the site at that time.

The buyer of the restaurant is “extending an offer of employment to all current Myles’ employees,” according to Myles’ news release issued Sept. 26.