Rob Delaney needed wife’s support

February 24, 2019

Rob Delaney couldn’t have got through his grief at losing his son without the support of his wife.

The ‘Catastrophe’ star and his spouse Leah were left devastated when two-year-old Henry lost his battle with cancer in January 2018 and he admitted their love for one another helped them through the tragedy.

He told Britain’s Marie Claire magazine: “Our third son, Henry, passed away when he was two. He had cancer.

“Part of our love is navigating grief together and I couldn’t do it without her.”

Rob - who has three other sons, aged six, five, and six months, with his spouse - “instantly” fell in love with Leah when they first met.

He recalled: “We met 14 years ago volunteering at a camp for people with disabilities.

“I fell in love with her instantly.

“She does triathlons and turns me on to great books and writers. She has also given birth to four children that I love desperately.”

The 41-year-old star announced in December that his fourth child had been born and insisted at the time the new arrival couldn’t possibly ease his family’s grief over Henry’s death.

He said: “We likely would’ve had a fourth anyway. But I mean, there’s mixed feelings.

“It’s sort of like they touch each other a little bit, but they almost exist in separate lanes. Having another child in no way, shape or form eases the grief of Henry dying.

″[But it also] doesn’t make our new son any less magical. I want to gobble him up and he deserves our full attention and love, and he grew in the same womb as Henry.”

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