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Norway Reports Drug-Smuggler Pigeon

September 6, 1999 GMT

OSLO, Norway (AP) _ An apparent drug smuggling effort was foiled when the exhausted courier _ a pigeon _ landed on an offshore oil platform to rest.

The crew of the Norwegian B-11 platform in the North Sea spotted the bird on Sunday afternoon, and saw something taped to its legs, the newspaper Verdens Gang reported Monday.

They caught the bird, and found what appeared to be five grams of hashish, the newspaper said.

``We’ve never heard of anything like it,″ platform worker Endre Nodeland was quoted as saying. ``Is this the new way of smuggling drugs?″


The bird is now being cared for by the crew. Nodeland said he’ll turn the hash over to police as soon as he returns to Norway.

The B-11 platform, 190 miles south of Norway, is part of Norpipe pipeline system that transports natural gas from the country’s offshore fields to Germany.