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Letter to the editor: Use your vote wisely

November 23, 2018 GMT

Highest gasoline taxes in the nation. Second largest legislature in the nation. No term limits. Twice-daily lotteries and casino revenues with little accountability. Where’s all that money?

Turnpike tolls increasing annually until 2044. Why? Truckers’ avoidance increases traffic on local roads.

Millions of dollars toward campaign funding. Here’s a novel idea: How about matching funds toward any good cause? Has any candidate touted that?

We can control term limits: Just don’t vote for them. Challenge your representatives as to why we need them and the expense of their offices and staffs. Imagine the savings.


Ask questions. Demand answers. Review candidates’ records. If they haven’t done anything to help you or your family, then why vote for them? They had their chance -- especially Gov. Tom Wolf. Four years, and nothing has changed. And he avoids debate. Imagine that. Same deal with long-term politicians. They wouldn’t’ dream of slaying their golden goose.

The great state of Pennsylvania has the potential of leading the nation in positive ways. Drain the swamp. Voice your opinion and use your vote.

John Bentz