Voice of the People: Support for wall hard to grasp

January 30, 2019

First of all I agree wholeheartedly with the opinion of Lisa Soper (Voice of the People Jan. 26, 2019).

I can’t believe there are so many American people agreeing with Trump’s wall at the Mexican border. In his inflated ego he believes it will someday be a monument of his presidency. The people crossing into our country are hard working people who want a better life and some to save their lives. They are not rapists and murderers as Trump calls them. We are all immigrants except for the American Indians

What happened to the promises of protecting our children in our schools and other places of mass shootings? Those shooters were not from Mexico, most were Americans. I do believe $5 billion could be better spent in protecting those areas plus gun control. Also there are still a lot of people in dire need from the hurricanes and flooding. AK47′s and such should not be available to anyone. Those are military weapons.

Keeping the government shut down because of Trump”s childish wants is hurting more people than protecting them. Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has no idea what it’s like to go hungry or lose the roof over your head at no fault of your own.

Also, remember Trump got five deferments for heel spurs so he didn’t have to go in the military, he wasn’t willing to protect his country then.

This country can not keep going like this, if Trump gets elected another term (crookedly) there will not be a country of the Land and of the Free.

Trump can not make this country great again because it always has been the greatest.

Charlene Cannon