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White powder causes scare at police department

May 1, 2019

One person’s efforts to participate in Lake Havasu City’s recent Drug Takeback Day event caused an unhealthy scare for a city employee who found white powder inside an envelope Tuesday morning.

The Havasu Police Department was briefly quarantined before Fire Department officials determined the powder was from some prescription antibiotic pills that a person delivered to police headquarters during Saturday’s Drug Takeback Day.

“When the woman opened the envelope, she saw an open pill bottle and some white powder,” said Battalion Fire Chief Mike Quijada.

That prompted a response from the fire department, its HAZMAT team and CERT. River Medical ambulances were also called to the scene and the area was cordoned off as firefighters evaluated the employee.

The woman initially was short of breath, according to Quijada, but after a few minutes, she refused medical treatment.

“We did begin to prepare a decontamination site, but she turned out to be OK,” Quijada said.

Firefighters determined there was no threat to the public around noon.

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