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Jim Carrey calls millions of Trump voters ‘loyal zombies’ over border security debate

January 15, 2019 GMT

Actor Jim Carrey continued his artistic anti-Trump activism this week by releasing a painting aimed at millions of American voters.

The man who once said he was nothing more than “energy” playing a “character” known as Jim Carrey while promoting the Netflix documentary “Jim Andy: The Great Beyond” now says that Mr. Trump’s voters are “loyal zombies.”

“Remember Trump’s loyal zombies chanting, ‘Build That Fence’ at his rallies??? Me neither!” he tweeted to over 18 million followers Wednesday.

The message was released with a new painting of Mr. Trump at one of his campaign rallies.


″[Trump] thinks his followers are a bunch of nitwits,” Mr. Carrey added Thursday. “They like that pile of empty portfolios are just props to this never-was President.”

The actor’s commentary comes against a political backdrop in which the government shutdown over border security funding has reached its seventh day.

Mr. Trump has demanded a spending bill with $5.7 billion for a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, although he said he would be willing to negotiate on the final number and the kind of materials that ultimately make up the barrier.

The president told Twitter followers on Dec. 18 that giant “steel slats” will be used so Border Patrol agents can more easily see activity on Mexican territory.

Remember Trumps loyal zombies chanting, “Build That Fence” at his rallies???Me neither! Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) December 26, 2018