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Stamford reacts: Trinity Catholic’s future uncertain

May 26, 2019 GMT

Trinity Catholic’s future uncertain after ‘alarming’ enrollment drop“I thinks it’s too expensive. If you pay for a school, you also expect good teachers and that wasn’t the case when my daughter went there. She had a few that weren’t very good.”—Tammy Ortmeier Carney, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“I will say this - reinventing and transformation are hard and generally people do not like change. Unfortunately TCHS may have rested on the laurels of previous generations (probably most of you posting) a bit too long. I do not believe anyone wants the school to close and it will be a sad day for the community if that happens. It is a family atmosphere, rich in tradition and service to others. The kids are well behaved (certainly no food fights that require police and hospitalization) have good values, and are respectful while still being typical teens.”—Samantha Donoghue, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“This doesnt surprise me, my sons freshman year at Uconn would have cost less than his senior year at Trinity. Who can afford Trinity these days. When I was there it was $750 a year and that was high price for those times.”—Lorri Vagnone-Tamburro, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocateAverage Stamford tax hike set at 3.2 percent“This is just going to run us out of this state. Our state income tax is almost equal to our federal, then we have the property tax that is 10% of my husband’s income. Then we have car taxes, gas taxes, fun taxes....need I say more?”—Karen Milano Nilsson, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“Didn’t they hike it up last yr, and the yr before that, and so on..it will never end.”—Anthony Gasper, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“Government keeps growing as you make less and less.”—Michael R Friend, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“As someone who never went to Stamford public schools and don’t have children and will never had them I am starting to get annoying paying these taxes when I am paying an arm and leg for my health insurance being self employed because our government can’t get their act together.”—SJ Jones, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocateNew look at what tolls would mean for CT drivers“It’s about 23 miles to work from my house. Twice daily. And then gas and wear and tear on the car. Ughhh.”—Janet Inzitari, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“So at peak rush hour rates, some poor soul commuting roundtrip on weekdays from Bridgeport to Stamford for their job will be paying around $700 a year in this new TAX. Whatever politicians want to call it, it’s a TAX. Bridgeport residents overwhelming voted for Lamont, so now they’ll live with the consequences.”—Paul Nadziejko, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“I’m a little confused. People pay to go through NJ; Mass; Pa; Maine, Etc. Why is this so different? To ride the train is expensive. Fifteen bucks to go across the GW bridge. NYC is going to have you pay to go into the city. Again why is this so different? Let me know what I’m missing.”—Andrew Chuckas, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate“It’s not that simple!!! Not only will you be paying at the tolls you will be paying for anything else that comes through those tolls. Food, gas, oil, shipping costs will go up, products coming into our stores.... you name it it’s going up $$$. Oh and don’t forget 4.4 -5.7 cents a mile can increase by a simple push of a button at any time they want. NO TOLLS.”—Michael Sasser, via facebook.com/stamfordadvocate