County Democrats elect officers, delegates

May 29, 2018 GMT

Democrats in Adams County rallied Thursday and elected officers and delegates for the Nebraska state convention in Lincoln.

The Adams County Democratic Convention took place at the Hastings Public Library.

“It’s a good time for all the Democrats of Adams County to get together and decide who they want to have as their next elected leaders,” party chair Kathy Jensen said.

Scott Kleeb of Hastings, who has run for Congress and U.S. Senate, gave a presentation as a motivational speaker.

Other speakers included Janet Stewart, chair of the Democratic Women’s Caucus of the Nebraska Democratic Party; and Preston Love Jr., who is running for second associate chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party; Matthew Jones, who is running for the Ward 3 seat on the Hastings City Council; Harvey Goings, who is running for the District 3 seat on the Adams County Board of Supervisors; and Karen Doerr, who is running for the District 1 seat on the Adams County Board.

“It’s a time to get together and promote the party and promote all the elections that are happening right now and people who progressed on to the general election,” Jensen said.

She has been county party chair for about three years.

She’s been involved in the party on a local level since 2008 and is a past secretary.

County Democratic parties in Nebraska have a window of time in which to conduct their conventions — after the primary election on May 15 but before the state convention starts on June 22.

Jensen is hopeful about the state of the Democratic party in Nebraska.

“We kind of separated a little there in 2016, but I think we’re getting more united,” she said. “We’re very excited about the people who are running, and we’re very excited to get more Democrats elected on the local level, legislative at the Capitol in Lincoln, and even the Senate and Congress. We’re just really excited that we have good, strong candidates that are willing to work hard, get out and meet as many people as they can.”

Officers elected Thursday included the following: Kathy Jensen, chair; Jake Rundle, vice chair; Shane Peterson, treasurer; Cathie Genung, secretary.

Delegates to the state convention include the following: Jose Jimenez, Kathy Jensen, Dianne Norris, Scott Kleeb, Rebecca Kimminau.

Alternate delegates to the state convention include the following: Jake Rundle, Tom Genung and Matthew Jones.

John Quirk was honored for serving 44 years as the Adams County Democratic Party treasurer.