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Hikers in California beware: it is tarantula mating season

September 2, 2016 GMT

In what sounds like the most terrifying news ever, officials in California are warning hikers to be vigilant as it is currently mating season for the indigenous tarantulas.

TheLos Angeles Timesreports tarantula mating season takes place in the American Southwest from September until October with the arachnids weaving webs above the burrow that a female tarantula lives in. The male tarantula typically roams around looking for a mate while the female stays inside and waits for the male to come and tap on the web outside her home, the Times added.

Park officials told the Times that hikers should avoid interrupting the ritual as time is of the essence for these creatures with male tarantulas only living for seven to eight years compared to 25 years for females.National Geographicreports the female guards her eggs for six to nine weeks with around 1,000 babies hatching,

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