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President hasn’t earned respect -- Cliff Voegeli

November 27, 2018

The Nov. 19 letter to the editor ” Trump critics should tone it down, too ” criticized the “demonization” of President Donald Trump and the descriptive language used to describe him. Some would say even Phil Hands’ political cartoons about the man are supposedly wrong.

Back when I was growing up, we would have called him a “silly old man” and let it go at that. But in this day and age, much more colorful words are used. How are we supposed to describe Trump? America’s sweetheart? A cuddly little dog? A charming ladies man? Straight shooter?

Sorry, but he has the most foul mouth of any national figure I have ever heard. When he cleans up his act, maybe he will deserve respect. Many words could be used to describe Donald Trump, but most would be unprintable.

Cliff Voegeli, Madison

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