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Timothy Leary Arrested for Smoking - a Cigarette

May 11, 1994 GMT

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ How times have changed: Timothy Leary, LSD guru during the ’60s, was arrested at the airport for smoking a cigarette.

The 73-year-old Leary was cited at Austin’s smoke-free Robert Mueller Municipal Airport on Tuesday.

The Harvard psychologist who encouraged students during the 1960s to experiment with LSD admitted he could have avoided arrest but said he wanted to draw attention to people being ″demonized″ by the politically correct.

″We were told by an official that smoke in the airport would get us a citation. So we did look for a policeman to check this out,″ he said.


Sgt. David Torres of the airport police said Leary was given an arrest- release citation, which is similar to a ticket and requires no bail.

The offense carries a $500 fine.

The arrest is the most recent - and probably one of the least serious - of Leary’s many run-ins with the law.

After LSD was outlawed in 1965, Leary was arrested several times and fled to Algeria in 1970 after escaping from prison. He was extradited three years later. Since his release in 1976, Leary has been writing and lecturing.