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Winning on the issues

November 1, 2018 GMT

Either we value human rights or we don’t. Trump and Kushner are desperate to preserve their financial stake in the Saudis. First, Trump claims the Saudi Crown Prince is being denied presumption of innocence. Trump proposes the idea of a “rogue” element. He says that Kashoggi was not an American citizen, only a legally resident alien. Kashoggi was a Washington Post reporter, but for Trump that’s a negative. The Far Right smears Kashoggi as an unsavory character.

President Obama was a “globalist,” a negative word in the Trump lexicon. Most world problems cannot be managed without allies, international cooperation, American example and leadership. Lacking such we are left with hollow threats or backing down, claiming victory when everyone knows the claim is false, or risking war.

Republicans are not interested in campaigning on policy: affordable, comprehensive medical insurance; solvency for Social Security and Medicare; combatting global warming and environmental pollution; the possibility of college education without incurring an unbearable debt burden.

Republicans want to campaign on an alleged impending flood of illegal immigration, on alleged threat to free speech from the radical left. The New York Times says there is no evidence that the immigrants moving toward our border are financed by the Left as Trump suggests. Could they be financed from the Far Right? What about the episode in a Louisville restaurant where Senator McConnell and his wife were harassed by a “mob?”. McConnell did not seem disturbed and neither did the manager. Who prompted those doing the harassing? I wonder.

I implore my fellow Democrats to avoid provocative action. We can win on the issues; the Republicans cannot.

Daniel C. Hudson