Teacher who says she killed man is put with victim’s sibling

August 23, 2019 GMT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee teacher who told police she killed a young man in a drug deal last month was then assigned to a classroom with the victim’s sibling, according to the group that runs the charter school.

Khadijah Griffis told investigators she was selling marijuana when she shot Mykal Prime on July 24 after he attacked her, according to Nashville police . She said Prime got into her car at a gas station and attempted to steal her drugs, pulling a gun and pistol whipping her. A struggle ensued, and she was able to push Prime out of the car before pulling her own pistol and shooting him, she told police.


Griffis claims self-defense, and she has not been charged. When asked if Griffis could face homicide or drug charges, police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford said in an email, “There is an ongoing investigation which will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s office.”

Prior to the homicide, Griffis had worked as a substitute teacher at RePublic charter schools through a substitute service provider called Enriched Schools. According to a statement from RePublic, when administrators learned of the homicide, they told Enriched Schools not to assign Griffis to any of their campuses.

Nonetheless, Griffis was sent last week to Nashville’s RePublic High School, where she was assigned to teach a math class attended by one of Prime’s siblings. Once school administrators were aware of the situation, they escorted Griffis off campus and started an investigation. The charter school group is also reviewing its contract with Enriched Schools, according to its statement.

“We deeply regret the impact this incident has had on our school community and are working closely with the victim’s family, as well as providing additional counseling support for all or our scholars,” RePublic Schools’ statement reads.

Enriched Schools did not immediately return a phone call, text or email message Friday morning.

Prime’s mother, Juanneika Scott, told WTVF-TV she thought school would be a safe place for her children.

“I feel like I let my kids down when I sent them to school that day,” she said.