New details revealed of alleged botched robbery that left man seriously wounded

February 20, 2019

The early Thursday morning shooting in Chubbuck that left one man seriously wounded was a planned robbery attempt gone wrong, according to police reports obtained by the Idaho State Journal.

The incident unfolded inside a vehicle in front of a home on the 4600 block of Ponderosa Street in Chubbuck around 12:05 a.m. Thursday and involved three individuals armed with a pistol and Taser who had plans to rob 21-year-old Pocatello resident Joseph A. Aguirre, Chubbuck police reports stated.

The three people who allegedly attempted to rob Aguirre, who was shot in the back during the incident, have been identified by police as Kane Simons, 20, of Pocatello; Sage Siler, 20, of Pocatello; and McKinzee Kirkham, 21, of Inkom.

The police reports obtained by the Journal as well as Tuesday discussions with Chubbuck police corrected some inaccurate information previously provided by authorities about this incident. Chubbuck police clarified that the robbery was not a home invasion and that the shooter was Siler, not Simons. However, Siler, Simons and Kirkham have all been charged with the same exact felony offenses for what police are calling a botched robbery attempt.

The motive for the attempted robbery was apparently that Aguirre was allegedly in possession of a stolen Sig Sauer P250 .40-caliber pistol that Siler had given him but wanted back, Chubbuck police said. Siler reportedly told police that the gun was stolen and had likely been used in a separate incident in which a person was shot.

Siler, Simons and Kirkham concocted a plan to act like they were picking Aguirre up from the residence on Ponderosa Street so they could rob him of the pistol once he entered the vehicle, according to police.

Police said that Simons, who was driving Kirkham’s silver Honda Accord with Kirkham and Siler in the back seat, planned to bash Aguirre over the head with a detachable steering wheel located inside the car hoping it would knock him out so that Kirkham or Siler could take the pistol, police said.

Once Aguirre entered the Honda and was in the front passenger seat, Kirkham allegedly Tased Aguirre who reacted by “freaking out,” police said.

Siler, who was armed with a Ruger 9 mm pistol, then fired two shots toward Aguirre, police said. One of the shots penetrated Aguirre in the upper back and traveled through his body, causing significant internal injuries to his lungs, diaphragm and colon before exiting through his abdomen and entering a tan backpack that Aguirre had on his lap, police said. The other bullet struck the front passenger dashboard of the Honda.

After Aguirre was shot, he jumped out of the car and reached for the .40-caliber Sig Sauer pistol attached to his waist in a holster, which caused Simons to speed away from the scene in the direction of West Chubbuck Road, police said.

The seriously wounded Aguirre then entered the home on Ponderosa Street and called police to report the shooting. Aguirre knew the people at the home, police said.

Chubbuck police officers, Bannock County sheriff’s deputies and ambulance personnel responded to the scene.

Aguirre was transported via ambulance to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello where he underwent emergency surgery to save his life.

Prior to being transported to PMC, Aguirre told one of the occupants of the Ponderosa Street home to tell Aguirre’s daughter that he loved her just in case he didn’t survive, police said.

Portneuf Medical Center would not provide an update on Aguirre’s condition on Tuesday, but the Chubbuck Police Department previously said he is expected to survive.

An arrest warrant was issued for Simons, who was believed to be heavily armed and dangerous, following the initial police investigation on Thursday.

After the shooting, Simons, Siler and Kirkham drove to Idaho Falls where Simons used a spent shell casing found in the silver Honda to remove the bullet from the dashboard, police said. After removing the bullet, Simons placed it in a beer can and set the can on fire, police said.

While Siler and Kirkham returned to the Pocatello area, Simons wandered around various parts of Idaho Falls until he entered the Grand Teton Mall on Friday with other individuals and was recognized by mall security officers who alerted law enforcement, police said.

Simons was arrested outside the mall around 5 p.m. Friday by Bonneville County sheriff’s deputies.

Other individuals with him fled from the deputies and a high-speed vehicle pursuit ensued.

Police identified the four other individuals with Simons who were all eventually arrested as Olivia L. Yokoyama, 26, of Blackfoot, and Jared J. Cerino, 29; Hailey Farmer, 26; and Jerel Tillman, 25, all of Fort Hall. Simons and Farmer were arrested in the mall parking lot after a brief foot pursuit and the other three suspects were arrested after the high-speed chase.

Yokoyama was driving the car and led police on the chase, authorities said. The pursuit ended when a police vehicle nudged Yokoyama’s car, causing it to leave the roadway and come to a halt.

Yokoyama, Cerino and Tillman were all then arrested.

As a result of Friday’s high-speed chase in Idaho Falls, Yokoyama has been charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest, felony eluding and possession of methamphetamine. Yokoyama was previously charged in an unrelated incident with three counts of burglary, one count of robbery and one count of aggravated battery, all felonies, but had been released from jail pending the adjudication of that case. If convicted of just the robbery charge from the previous incident, Yokoyama faces up to life in prison.

Yokoyama is being held at the Bonneville County Jail.

Siler told police that he disposed of the Ruger 9 mm handgun in a random dumpster in Idaho Falls after the alleged shooting, adding that he couldn’t remember where the dumpster was located, police said.

Authorities have not said whether the Ruger 9 mm pistol was ever recovered.

Kirkham was located at the residence of a family member in Inkom on Saturday and arrested by police. Kirkham refused to speak to police or answer any questions and asked for an attorney, police said.

Siler was arrested by police on Sunday in Pocatello. During questioning, he said it was never his intention to shoot Aguirre, police said.

Kirkham, Siler and Simons each face aggravated battery and attempted robbery charges. If convicted of the attempted robbery charge each faces up to life in prison. The aggravated battery charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

Kirkham, Siler and Simons are all currently incarcerated at the Bannock County Jail. They were arraigned on the charges against them on Tuesday. Kirkham’s bond amount was set at $20,000, Siler’s at $50,000 and Simons’ at $100,000.

Siler and Simons will next be in court on March 4 and Kirkham’s next hearing is on March 5.