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Alleged Kidnappers Believed Part Of Crime Spree

January 15, 1985

DALLAS (AP) _ Five people accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl who was later rescued during a shootout with police may also have been behind a crime spree that included car thefts and armed robberies, authorities say.

The five were arrested Sunday morning after leading police on a three- county chase through east Texas, carrying with them a girl who had been snatched from her brother’s Jeep last Friday and held for $100,000 ransom.

A sawed-off shotgun found in the car had been stolen last week during an armed robbery from a house ″right around the corner″ from where Amy McNiel was kidnapped days later, Johnson County Sheriff Eddy Boggs said Monday night.

The robbery victims were tied up, kicked and pistol-whipped before the robbers made off with the shotgun and other items, Boggs said.

He said that although no charges other than aggravated kidnapping have been filed against the five, they are suspected in other armed robberies and auto thefts in the Dallas area.

Boggs declined to say how many incidents were involved.

The five were identified as Lisa Anne Bouvier, 18, of Balch Springs; George Thomas Barnes, 21, of Dallas; Daniel Walter Necker Jr., 21, of Mesquite; Michael Lynn Mills, 27, of Pleasant Grove; and James Wesley Foote, 34, of Alvarado.

Foote and Mills were injured in Sunday morning’s shootout with Texas Rangers, who rescued Amy in a hail of gunfire. Boggs said Monday night that the two have joined their three companions in the Johnson County jail.

Details about the five are scant, and exactly what brought them together isn’t known, Boggs said.

″I think coincidence brought them all together,″ he said. ″I don’t think two of them got together and said, ’Hey, this is what we need to do.‴

Boggs added, ″We believe they all knew each other, and two (Necker and Foote) were cousins. They were all living together in an Arlington apartment.″

Ms. Bouvier, he said, was a recent addition to the group: ″They picked the girl up when she was hitchhiking about a month ago, and she moved in with them.″

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