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Letter: Floren ‘a good neighbor’

September 13, 2018 GMT

To the editor,

Government is nothing more than neighbors coming together to run their town, village, city, state, or country. Sadly, that concept seems to be lost on our national politicians, making it easy for us to become disillusioned with government as a whole. That’s why it’s critical that we recognize the people in government that understand their responsibilities to their neighbors. Greenwich is lucky to have elected leaders, such as Livvy Floren, who understand that they represent us. Livvy is the neighbor who is involved in her community — our community. Not only does she represent Greenwich in Hartford, but she actively participates in Greenwich events. She’s a leader who leads by example, a good neighbor and friend, and a strong representative for our town.

As an independent voter, I demand a lot of a candidate before he/she gets my vote, and I plan to vote for Olivia “Livvy” Floren, because she truly understands her responsibility to all the people of Greenwich, and tirelessly works to protect our interests. I hope you’ll join me to re-elect Livvy, so she can continue her good work.

John Mastracchio