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The Best Sides From Fast Food Chains

October 13, 2018 GMT

You want fries with that? ” It’s become part of the American lexicon at this point, so much so that we usually just nod and say yes.

Do you feel shortchanged? Nobody, after all, ever says “You want cheese sticks with that?” Well, no more. Here are the very best sides at most major chain restaurants. Surprisingly, you won’t find very many fries on it.

Arby’s: Mozzarella sticks

You thought say curly fries, didn’t you? Well, if it was a few years ago, you’d be right. Except Arby’s has the best damned mozz sticks in the fast-food game.

Burger King: Onion rings

Burger King, benevolent ruler that he is, has chicken nuggets listed as a side. Um not a side but pretty tasty too!

Culver’s: Cheese curds

Culver’s basically tastes like Wisconsin in a bag -- a bag stained with excess butter.

KFC: Potato wedges

They’re vegetarian, unless you dip them in gravy. But they’re magnificent on their own, giving a nice crunch to go along with their paprika punch.

McDonald’s: Fries

It’s seriously amazing that McDonald’s fries taste exactly the same, every single time. When you think of them, you can taste them. When you crave them, you know exactly what they’ll taste like.

Sonic: Tots

More than even the hipster hordes, Sonic deserves some credit for the re-popularization of tots, reclaiming the golden little potato nuggets from the purgatorial trays of high school lunches and bringing them to grown-ups.

Taco Bell: Chips and nacho cheese sauce

The key to enjoying T-Bell’s sprawling menu is to stop pretending it’s something it’s not. And there are few things in fast food more deliciously honest about what they are than the humble, tiny bag of chips and neon-orange dip.

Wendy’s: Baked potato with chili

Wendy’s has the baked-potato game on lock. They’re the only ones who do it, and do it well… especially when you hit it with their signature chili, which is made from discarded burgers that didn’t stay square on the grill.

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